Alright, as we all know, the chat for this wiki has bigger lag issues than most chats and it's reasonable to assume that this is because of the high definition background. It takes up a lot of CPU. In fact, it's gotten to the point where Max and I couldn't use chat at all yesterday. Nobody here can change it because the only admin is gone. So the only person who can is a wikia staff member. Wikia's no admin policy pretty much says that they will only make changes if the majority of "regular users" are ok with it.

So should we change the background to a simple purple background?

Yes we should

  1. Nikki Lee 1999
  2. NightFalcon9004

No we should not

  1. Negative IV


  1. J1Coupe
  2. DudeWithASuit
  3. Bantha117

Has not yet commented

  1. Tkid
  2. TigerIsNormal
  3. Firebrand795

(If I am forgetting somebody please tell me)

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