A Fallen Angel, by Robert Francis Day

You may not see this, but this is a final goodbye

To a fallen angel, who hopefully will once again fly

A girl near the age of me, a wise and kind soul truly,

Always took time to help me, an honor to know you, it would be

To a fallen angel, so sweet and so caring to any other

Now sadly had to leave, nothing with her but her mother

I hold the deepest respect for you, always helping me when I'm down

Your supportive and smart words, hearing them would always kill my frown

Thanks to a fallen angel, and a guardian angel to me at that

Always putting me in a good mood when we could have time to chat

It was so quick, our knowing each other, and I wish this wasn't farewell

For this fallen angel gave me my heaven, and helped me through my hell

Who is this fallen angel, you may ask, and who is it that I mean

This fallen angel is none other than the great woman Ximena 13

Even if you never see this, know that you'll always be in my heart

And the hardest part, is accepting that now we'll forever be apart,

My fallen angel.

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