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    Fallen Angel

    July 22, 2014 by Mystical Trixter

    A Fallen Angel, by Robert Francis Day

    You may not see this, but this is a final goodbye

    To a fallen angel, who hopefully will once again fly

    A girl near the age of me, a wise and kind soul truly,

    Always took time to help me, an honor to know you, it would be

    To a fallen angel, so sweet and so caring to any other

    Now sadly had to leave, nothing with her but her mother

    I hold the deepest respect for you, always helping me when I'm down

    Your supportive and smart words, hearing them would always kill my frown

    Thanks to a fallen angel, and a guardian angel to me at that

    Always putting me in a good mood when we could have time to chat

    It was so quick, our knowing each other, and I wish this wasn't farewell

    For this fallen angel gave me my heaven, and helped…

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